Interior design documentation

Interior Design Project Documentation

To ensure the best possible chance of bringing your office or shop fitout design to life, an interior design specialist can produce and work from a detailed interior design programming document. This document is the result of comprehensive collaboration between the client and the design and construction team, and it can help to create a workspace that allows you to conduct business with maximum productivity. Contact the professionals at Ultimate Chippy today for thorough shop or office interior design documentation that facilitates a smooth and stress-free fitout in Melbourne.

The Detailed Document that Directs the Project from Beginning to End

When you hire Ultimate Chippy to oversee your office or shop fitting design, you can rest assured that the project will be completed with minimal stress and hassle due to the thoroughness of our interior design documentation. We follow a strict multi-step process to ensure we don’t miss any detail, large or small. That process is as follows:

  • Technical assignment & programming – The starting point of your office or shop interior design, the first step involves us talking with you to define your requirements (technical and non-technical), your likes and dislikes, and your intended use of space in the workplace.
  • Floor plan – Working from the initial discussion, we’ll create and revise an original floor plan until we’ve found the right balance between meeting your needs and creating a workspace that’s functional and user-friendly.
  • Sketches – Following the drafting of the floor plan, we’ll create a fully sketched design of the workplace, including 3D elements so you can see the intended finished design.
  • Decisions regarding material and furniture – Once the functional elements of the design have been finalised, we’ll consult with you on the furniture and office decor.
  • Lighting design and 3D visualisation – The final stage of the interior design project documentation before work begins is to create a functional lighting design.

Leaving Nothing to Memory or Chance

Just as a storyboard artist will storyboard a scene for a film production or an ad campaign, and a chef will detail each ingredient and the method of their signature dish, the interior design and fitout document gives the construction specialists working documentation that enables them to complete the task without leaving things to memory or chance. If you’ve ever wondered how to plan an office layout, make sure you do it with the expertise of Ultimate Chippy.

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