Design and construct to code, meeting Australian standards and regulations

BCA Compliance for Offices

Whenever a workplace fitout takes place or there’s a renovation of a commercial building, the main aim is to create a space that’s suitable and conducive to conducting business. However, there are other important requirements that need to be met for the renovation or refurbishment to be legal and compliant. Not only must any additions or revisions to commercial or corporate spaces comply with the regulations in the Building Code of Australia (BCA), but they must also adhere to Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations for buildings. Ultimate Chippy possesses the experience and industry knowledge to carry out fitouts and renovations that tick all the necessary boxes for complete compliance.

The Importance of Maintaining Compliance with BCA Standards

As your office fitouts or renovation progresses, Ultimate Chippy will always ensure that the project remains compliant with BCA requirements. The Builders Code of Australia addresses a number of factors that must be adhered to during any building, construction or renovation project. These factors include:

  • Access and egress
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Fire resistance
  • Provisions for the health and amenity of occupants
  • Services and equipment
  • Structural integrity

Failure to comply with any of these factors may result in the building being closed until any problems have been sufficiently rectified. Ultimate Chippy’s fitout specialists will monitor and oversee all matters relating to BCA compliance for offices, retail spaces and other commercial workplaces so you can focus on running your business.

DDA Regulations for Buildings

The Disability Discrimination Act makes it illegal for commercial property owners to make their premises inaccessible to people with a disability. If your workspace is currently inaccessible or accessibility is limited, any construction or renovation work should serve to open up or improve any accessibility issues in a way that addresses DDA regulations. Ultimate Chippy completes all construction to DDA standards, doing everything possible to maximise the accessibility of your business.

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