Site survey and assessment

Interior Design Site Survey

One important part of any workplace fitout, whether it’s for an office, restaurant or retail space, is the interior design survey. The site survey is the process whereby a construction surveying specialist takes all the necessary measurements and pictures of the workplace interior to ensure that the tailored design will work within the designated space. The interior design site survey essentially puts the ‘fit’ in ‘fit out’. After all, the last thing you want is to find out is that the custom reception desk you’ve ordered for the waiting area or your planned office partition installation won’t fit in the allocated space. If you need the expertise of a commercial property surveyor in Melbourne, get in touch with Ultimate Chippy.

The Process for a Site Survey in Construction

The process of construction surveying requires that you take accurate measurements of the interior of the workspace. These measurements include:

  • Width and depth of the room
  • Important wall measurements
  • Door and window openings
  • Depth and width of chimneys
  • Floor to ceiling measurements
  • Any significant structural additions to the interior (e.g. wooden beams added by a construction carpenter)

With any site survey in construction for an office fitout in Melbourne, these measurements are used to produce floor plans that are accurate in dimensions and make the fitout process possible.

Experienced Site Surveyors in Melbourne

At Ultimate Chippy, we pride ourselves on delivering services and advice of the highest standard no matter what the job. Our experienced site surveyors in Melbourne will ensure your commercial fit out is conducted with minimal stress and hassle thanks to the thorough and accurate interior site survey work we do before any construction or physical work takes place. This will enable you to continue doing what you do best – running the day-to-day operations of your business.


A commercial property surveyor measures, appraises and evaluates commercial land and buildings. The data they produce can be used to make informed decisions about how the property is used.

A quantity surveyor report consists of data pertaining to a property’s location, size, dimensions and other factors. This data is later evaluated to make a report that outlines the property’s value, marketability and any issues it may have. Commercial property surveyors use various types of equipment and methods to do this work to ensure their reports are as accurate as possible.

A commercial property surveyor is a certified building expert that has the qualifications and skills to measure, appraise and evaluate land and buildings that are intended to be used for commercial purposes. They produce useful data that can greatly help investors, developers and lenders to make educated decisions in regards to purchasing, selling or financing properties.

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