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The retail industry is highly competitive at the best of times. To stand out over your competitors, you need to not only have the best product range, but your store needs to be presentable and easy to navigate.

And that often means maximising your floor space in an efficient, customer-friendly way. Ultimate Chippy specialises in retail fitouts in Melbourne including partion walls and design.

Whether you’re looking at a new premises to start a new venture or expand your business, want to refresh an existing store, need shop fit out supplies or would like advice on how to best lay out or design your retail store, get in touch with us today. Our team of experienced retail shopfitters specialises in providing top-notch retail fit-outs.


As one of the best retail fit out companies in Melbourne, Ultimate Chippy can provide and install the essential shop fit-out supplies you need to be a fully functional retail business – all while making the most of your existing floor space. As an experienced provider of retail fit-outs in Melbourne, we are dedicated to helping you bring your vision to life and design a space that reflects your brand identity while maximizing sales potential.

Our experienced retail shopfitters can assist with:

retail shopfitters melbourne
  • retail shopfitters Melbourne
  • Setting up a brand-new store
  • Providing everything retail shop fit-outs need, from shelving to a service desk
  • Complete refurbishment for a relocation to a new property
  • Custom-made display units and shop fronts
  • Aluminium or timber shop front
  • Unique and tailored made designs
  • Adherence with building management or centre management fit out guidelines
  • And more
shopfitting supplies melbourne


A well-designed retail shop fit-out can create a captivating ambiance that attracts customers and encourages them to explore your products. If external contractors are required during the refurbishment, our retail shop fit-out professionals will coordinate with them to ensure a smooth process.

As experienced retail fit-out contractors, we understand the importance of efficiently utilising every inch of your retail space. We will ensure your retail shop fit-out in Melbourne is completed on time, on budget and in line with your expectations while meeting strict building codes and occupational health and safety regulations.

We will also take part in the submission of any necessary building permits and endeavour to complete all work without causing unnecessary disruption to your daily operations. With years of experience in the industry, our retail shopfitters in Melbourne have successfully completed numerous projects in design and construction, gaining a wealth of knowledge and skills to handle any retail fitout challenge.

Ultimate Chippy is proud to offer expert assistance in addition to providing competitively priced retail shop fit-outs and shop fitting supplies. Our team of experienced retail shopfitters is dedicated to helping you bring your vision to life and design a space that reflects your brand identity while maximizing sales potential. Contact our retail shopfitters in Melbourne today to find out how we can help you.

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