One of the greatest characteristics of a modern office space is flexibility; the way a space can be easily reconfigured time and time again to accommodate everything from changes in staff numbers to a change in business focus. For example, if you anticipate an increase in staff members in the near future, we can design a space that allow for future growth by converting a lounge or storage area now to a workstation area in 2-3 years’ time. Alternatively, if your business was to switch to a more customer-centred model, then there might be a need to build some private offices or meeting rooms for one-on-one conversations with clients. Instead of permanent offices that may not be required in 18 months’ time, why not opt for phone pods, hot desks or temporary office partitions, offering greater flexibility in the use of space? For superior quality commercial partitions in Melbourne and commercial office design that specifically accommodates the needs of your business, get in touch with Ultimate Chippy.


There are numerous benefits that a commercial carpentry partition can deliver in a corporate or commercial space. These benefits include:

  • Divide and define spaces
  • Offer privacy
  • Can be used to form offices, meeting rooms, phone pods, breakouts etc.
  • Maximise natural light with the construction of aluminium glazed partitions and doors
  • Offer colour to the space with feature walls and doors and use of powder coated aluminium sections to form glass partitions

Ultimate Chippy has the skills and ability to construct a variety of commercial partitions, including metal stud plasterboard walls, timber stud plasterboard walls and aluminium glazed partitions, whether full height, half height or sectional with horizontal aluminium sections breaking up the glass for a contemporary look. Our designers have the expertise to offer advice in terms of which partition system to use throughout the space based on your requirements and needs. We can carry out a commercial carpentry fitout that ensures better use of the space while offering a great working environment for staff members and clients.


Commercial partitions in Melbourne are great for making the most of the abundance of natural light in a workspace. Having clear glass in place of traditional plasterboard walls divides the office space while maintaining a sense of openness. This typically appeals to staff and clients alike, creating a workspace filled with natural light that conveys a positive and productive image. Workstation partitions offer a great way to divide staff work benches, add privacy and practicality, and even bring a pop of colour to your office space


Commercial workstation partitions come in a variety of designs, from clear glass/ Perspex to solid fabric, using a vast range of colours and fabrics (plain or pattern), fixed at different heights to workstations depending on the privacy required, and offering flexibility, with the ability to clip them to benchtops as the need arises. They can also be fitted with soft boards that enable the pinning up of signage, posters, office rules and other documents.


A commercial carpentry partition is a cost-effective option for open plan layouts, allowing a high number of staff members to be placed in a given space, while adhering to a standard of working comfort for all staff members. Workstation pods in an open plan configuration offer collaboration, flexibility, departmental separation and many other key advantages.

To find out more about our commercial carpentry fitout services, get in touch with our experienced team today.

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