How to Support Collaboration Using Space

While some office workplaces prefer their employees to work individually, others encourage their team to communicate and collaborate on a regular basis. Ideally, the work environment should be designed to make this process easy and rewarding. Commercial fitouts can modify the layout and install systems in your office that facilitate collaboration. This blog post contains more details about how to support collaboration in your office using the space you have available.

Create Communal Areas

An office that has no communal areas where people can gather together and communicate prevents and discourages collaboration. For example, kitchen rooms where people can spend their breaks are effective at breaking down barriers, creating friendships, building partnerships and sharing ideas. Creating communal areas with an office fit out in Melbourne can therefore have a positive impact on the short-term and long-term future of your business. Meeting rooms are also useful for when multiple people want to discuss specific ideas and topics.

Don’t Sacrifice Personal Space

The best office workplace environments strike a balance between personal and collaborative spaces. This means collaborative spaces don’t come at the expense of personal space and vice versa. Sometimes people want a place where they can think and work on their own without distractions. Constant interruptions can reduce productivity and make employees feel uneasy. Office fit out companies in Melbourne like Ultimate Chippy can help find the right balance for your workplace.

Encourage Online Messaging

Supporting collaboration using space doesn’t just mean modifying and optimising physical space. It can also mean creating and promoting digital spaces where people can gather together and talk. The internet and various social media platforms have made this easier than ever. Conversations can start between individuals and groups whenever and wherever needed. People can participate in these discussions without being drawn away from their work for inconvenient meetings.

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