How to Reduce Your Fitout Costs

Are you looking for simple yet effective ways to cut costs on your commercial office fitouts? There are many tips for minimising the amount you spend on upgrades and modifications without necessarily compromising on quality. This blog post from Ultimate Chippy contains useful information and helpful advice to help you reduce costs on your next office fit out in Melbourne.

Refurbish Your Existing Office

You don’t have to move to a new building to have the office you want. You can simply refurbish your existing office by updating desks, carpets and lighting. You can also upgrade your air conditioning and install the latest technologies. This may take a little longer, but the savings can be substantial.

Lease an Existing Space

Rather than start from scratch, you might want to consider leasing an office that has already been fitted out. This means you and your colleagues can move in and start working right away. However, some modifications might be needed and you may also have to pay higher rent.

Find an All-in-One Design and Build Package

Organising design and building services separately can increase costs and make the project take longer to complete. It’s recommended that you choose a package deal if possible that combines both the design and build. This not only reduces costs, but helps the project get completed faster.

Choose an Open-Plan Layout

Commercial fitouts are more commonly adopting open-plan layouts over cellular layouts. Studies have shown that these designs increase cooperation and teamwork. In addition, open-plan layouts require less building work and reduce costs significantly.

Reuse Your Current Workstations

It might be tempting to buy brand new furniture, but you can refurbish your existing workstations so that they look and function how you want them to. Of course, dismantling and refurbishing furniture costs money, but never quite as much as new furniture – plus you’ll also be helping the environment.

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