Open Plan vs. Traditional Offices

Are you struggling to choose between a traditional enclosed space and a more modern open plan space for your office workplace? Weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of each has inspired fierce debate in recent times, but the right choice will ultimately depend on the nature of your business and the work that people have to do. In this blog post, the office fit out specialists at Ultimate Chippy provide useful information about the differences between open plan and traditional office environments, helping you to make the right choice for your office fitouts in Melbourne.


Traditional office fit outs and design elements are known for giving employees their own personal space where they can complete their assigned tasks. Enclosed spaces are preferable for workplaces that are based around individualised work activities, as there’s less noise to distract workers and fewer interruptions from colleagues asking questions, ensuring workers are completely focused on what’s in front of them. A traditional office fit out design also allows workers to make phone calls without others ear dropping. The downside is that this can create a very insular and unsocial workplace.

Open Plan

An open plan office interior design attempts to foster better communication between workers. Open plan removes the hierarchical elements common in traditional workplaces, such as partitioned workstations and administrative offices. This makes everyone feel like they’re on equal footing, encouraging teamwork and cooperative problem solving. The downside is that workers no longer have their own personal space and can become more easily distracted. Ground rules about noise levels and topics of conversation should therefore be established to maintain focus on the work at hand.

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