What Does Your Office Furniture Communicate About Your Company?

Before considering office fit out companies in Melbourne, it’s imperative to give careful thought to the kind of furnishings and furniture you’ll choose. If you’re not careful, you can fall into the trap of agreeing to one of those everyday commercial office fitouts in Melbourne that do nothing to represent the business that uses it.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then your furniture also paints a picture – a symbolic picture of what your business stands for. For instance, an office fit out in Melbourne that features high-quality furniture will suggest that you value quality as a company. Meanwhile, scruffy and dirty seating in your reception area will create a whole different picture in your client’s mind. Here are some further points to think about when it comes to what your office furniture might be saying about your company.


The reception is in some ways the heart of your business, as it’s the first contact point for your company. Any good receptionist will help your clients feel cared for and important as soon as they enter the room. Your furniture should reinforce this by being made of high-quality fabrics in pleasing colours with a decent level of comfort. A plant in the reception area will add a feeling of freshness, while low lighting will enhance the mood of the area.


The partitions you choose for your office fit out in Melbourne will communicate a lot about your business. If you want to portray company values of trust and openness and prefer a light and breezy feel to your office, choose full height glass partitions. These let in a lot of light and have an ambience of clarity and openness which is hard to beat.

If you like the glass look but need the convenience of hiding wiring and plumbing in the office partitions, select half glass half plaster partitions. These will still let in light but offer greater sound proofing and privacy.

Desks & Workstations

The kind of desks and workstations you choose can say a lot about your company values. Think for a minute about desks that are weighed down with paperwork and that confine people to small spaces. That doesn’t exactly scream collaboration or innovation, does it? On the other hand, workstations are much more flexible, allowing staff to move around the office and share ideas where necessary. When planning your commercial office fitouts in Melbourne, keep this in mind.

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