Current Workplace Design Trends

Recent research has shown how the design and layout of an office workplace can affect employee performance and satisfaction. Greenery, homely textures, break rooms and other elements can inspire and invigorate your team. This blog post offers more details about current workplace design trends that you might consider implementing in your next office fit out in Melbourne.

Integrating Plants and Greenery

If your employees feel lethargic and unhappy, you may want to consider adding visible plants and greenery around the office. People can feel much more energised and productive when surrounded by elements of the natural world rather than just computer screens and technologies.

Adding Homely Textures

A streamlined office can benefit from homely textures that make employees feel more comfortable and relaxed. This creates more positive thoughts and feelings, which can improve productivity and outlook. Whether you opt for fabric wall panels or lush rugs, there are many options available.

Installing Adaptive Furniture

An office should never discriminate against or make things difficult for people with limited mobility or other disabilities. Installing height-adjustable desks and chairs that can adapt to different physical requirements supports these individuals and helps them to thrive, which ultimately ends up benefiting your business too.

Utilising Excess Space

Offices have traditionally consisted of grid cubicles that are now seen as detrimental and ineffective. Less conventional spaces are now being created that offer quantifiable benefits. You can better use excess space by adding bean bags, treadmill desks, luxurious conference room furniture, and more.

Setting Up Break Rooms

No modern office is complete without a designated break room where employees can go to enjoy their lunch, socialise with colleagues, and recharge before returning to work. Break rooms can include kitchen facilities, couches, arcade games, yoga mats and other recreational features.

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