Commercial Interior Design Trends

Trends come and go across all areas of life; that’s the very nature of trends. Whether it’s clothing, music or diets, some trends will invariably make a comeback while others will be relegated to the scrapheap, never to be heard of again. Interior design as an industry is by no means immune to the power of trends – there have been just as many trends that have led to an increase in property prices as there have been trends that have left interior designers and commercial fit out companies Melbourne wide shaking their heads as they wondered “What were we thinking?”. Nevertheless, here are some trends that designers are expecting to surface over 2018 and possibly beyond.

Beige is the New Black

A colour that’s arguably neither loved nor hated by most people is about to enjoy its moment in the sun. Beige is back, and alongside brown, it’s set to be the colour of choice for many commercial fit out companies across Australia. Many are even combining these flat colours with African inspired prints and furniture coverings to add warmth and character to a room.

Mix Your Materials

Still enjoying strong popularity going into 2018 is the idea of creating furniture and fixtures from a variety of different materials. For example, the juxtaposition of natural materials like timber and marble for a dual-material benchtop for the office lunch room can make for a visually striking piece with an enduring appeal.


While copper as a manufacturing material has been highly favoured for commercial fit outs for a number of years, expect to see it fall in favour as brass (a mixture of copper and zinc) returns to assume mantle of the preferred metal alloy of choice. Interior designers in the know also expect to see silver metallic products experience a surge in popularity in 2018.

Start 2018 with Style

When it comes to commercial fit outs in Melbourne , what matters most is that you’re happy with your choices and they don’t get in the way of workplace productivity or safety. Get in touch with Ultimate Chippy today to learn more about the hottest 2018 trends and discuss your commercial fitout needs.

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